About the ZSD Alliance


Zellweger Spectrum Disorder Alliance

The Zellweger Spectrum Disorder Alliance, formed in 2018, comprises a dedicated team of physician specialists from all over the United States.  These physicians focus on managing and improving the care of patients with peroxisomal biogenesis disorder-Zellweger spectrum disorder or PBD-ZSD, a rare multi-system genetic disorder affecting patients from infancy to adulthood.  

Our mission, vision, and Alliance key goals


Create a community of healthcare professionals that partner with families to improve the lives of patients with PBD-ZSD by facilitating its diagnosis and effective management


Optimize the diagnosis and treatment of PBD-ZSD

Key Goals

Proactively assist healthcare professionals to better manage PBD-ZSD patients
Raise the awareness of PBD-ZSD and highlight key PBD-ZSD screening methods
Educate healthcare professionals on appropriate patient selection for treatment of liver disease